Julieta Miquelarena

Julieta Miquelarena is an Argentinian international fashion model who has gained commercial success and a huge following online. 

She studied from a very young age theatre, dance and had vocal lessons.

She’s been represented by the most prestigious modeling agencies around the world stamping her fashion mark in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Usa, Europe. 

She started getting immerse in the artistic world when she was 9 years old;

at that young age, she was selected by Cris Morena Group -one of the most famous tv producers in Latinoamerica- to be part of a selection for a casting with new talents to participate in a successful tv serie in that time, selected in between 30 thousands of applicants she did her first casting and had her appearance in magazines and newspapers based on this.

After that, she started being featured often in magazines and winning popularity, being called to participate in different projects acting, dancing, modeling.

She has been cover of an enormous number of magazines all around the world, also the chosen image for big campaigns, always able to work with contracts signed for many years with jewelry brands, clothing and beauty brands very well recognized. 

To mention some of the most important brands she worked for: Revlon, Bobby Brown, Clinique, Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Look,Vs, Stilo, Frieda Roithman, Marika Vera, Maya Hansen, Cosmopolitan, Para Ti, Rolling Stone, Cicatricure, Peuque, Fhm, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Caro Cuore, Rapsodia, Kaova, Fashions Park,Yo Dona, Vanitas, Reflex, Hola, Farmacity, Alexis, Desiderata, Dress, Oh, Hyde Park, Motives, Giesso, Splenda, C-Heads, Callisti, Reishi,  Lazaro, Falabella, Swarovski by Adinas, Liverpool, Joico, Ginebra, Sweet, Avon, Ciel, Para Ti, Marcela Koury, Violetta Fabiani, Caffe, Times Out, Zara, Regina, Pompavana, Ona Saez, Dmag, she has over 70k followers on Instagram. 

She also did many videoclips, tv commercials. 

She participated on a radio show when she was a teenager, had a scene in a short movie in New York City, and assisted to multiple events and premieres that had her invited and featured in USA. Her most recent appearance was at the last New York Fashion Week.

Julieta studies journalism, started in the University of Buenos Aires and she is advancing in the present with the career in a private university because of the intense travel agenda she manages. She speaks four languages and she is learning French while being in Paris actually.

Based in New York City in the last five years ago, she is writing her first poetry book, and starting her career as a writer at the same time for our magazine and personal projects.