D. Larez Mag. is based in New York City. We are the best ally for brands, inside the fashion industry, that generate positive changes. More than expressing the art of fashion, we want to break paradigms that affect our society. We want to show our readers that the true meaning of perfection lies outside of the imposed standards and within our genuine selves. We want to create new opportunities for talented people among experts that are a reference in fashion.

Our purpose is to open a space where the organic and creative content predominates. It is to create and support movements that generate a positive impact by making stories with purpose become trends.

Our community needs a place where prototypes do not exist, where being healthy and happy is more than enough. We are the perfect place to feel comfortable; a place where race and sexual preference do not matter. Somewhere you can seek inspiration by reading about motivational stories and non-profit organizations. We are this place for you!

Diego Larez


«Our mission is to create movements leading us to a society where being authentic is fashionable, and fashion is the best cover letter. We care about those talented people that deserve to have a voice and do not have it, and that is why we want to do something about it. We want to create a space where fashion and humanity meet to create a positive impact in the world by promoting empathy and authenticity.»


«In a magazine, there is no flashing, no blinking, everything is still, and that is where the magic is. Real- life is always moving, and when you freeze it, something changes. It creates a stillness that can pull you in, pull you up short, confront you, make you pause and make you think. D. Larez magazine is alive; it has a voice, style, and indeed a point of view. It also has an attitude, which is a unique experience because it is a place to be.»