Elah Garcia

Elah Garcia from the Dominican Republic is the new Latin-American model promise

— “Dominican Republic” is where my roots are, it is my home, where I recharge my batteries, where I feel calm and happy” —

Interview by Julieta Miquelarena

Elah’s Story

People always told her that she could be a fantastic model, but that was a huge dream that she didn’t allow herself to

dream, as she explains to us. Until one day, where everything changed; she found herself and her mother with their damged car at their aunt’s hou- se waiting.

“While we were waiting, my mum took some photos of me and sent them to a small modeling agency in my country. They responded very inte- restedly, on the following day”– Elah tells us.

She and her mum traveled in a public bus for 4 hours to meet them.

“On the way there, I saw a sign on the road that said ‘Today is your big day, that gave me a lot of hope. I believe in the signs of the universe.”

These people became her family and great su- pport in her career.
The travels continued as she gained local suc- cess, and she kept traveling for approximately three years by public bus from her town to the Capital. They helped her to build herself as a pro- fessional model; they taught her how to walk in heels and how to pose for the camera.

“I remember my aunt and I went out to buy some heels for me in a flea, where you get used and cheaper things.”

Later on, after a lot of effort and time, not letting anything impede her from fulfilling her work, a very well worldwide recognized agency arrived in her country; they were there to see about 60 mo- dels, including her.

“Thanks to God they chose me, and two weeks later I was flying to London with a suitcase full of dreams and gratitude.”

She speaks of God close to her heart. She reflects on how her not easy beginning is what makes her feel grateful each day for the life that she has now and the opportunities that came along, opportuni- ties that she succeeded in approaching and won for herself.

“I would have never imagined that I would be next to the Eiffel Tower walking a Fashion Show” or even having a Photo hoot near the sea that I also enjoy very much.”

Elah says she can’t pick a favorite job since each job is a treasure for her.

“My dream is to do Worldwide Campaigns like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and to keep traveling the world while working”

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Photographer: Diego Larez
MUA: @promakeupartist
STYLE: Miranda Randy