By Julieta Miquelarena

ERROR NYC is our DL featured brand of the month.

Designer’s Name :

PUL Sheen

Where are you from?

South Korea

When and where was your brand created?

October 2018, New York

Tell us about the creation of “ERROR NYC” & the story and concept of your New Collection:

Under the slogan “We are making culture,” ERROR NYC was created by designer PUL Sheen as a way for fashion brand to bridge communities and challenge the status quo.

Our next season collection, «Whos Peeking in my window,» is a rebranding version of ERROR NYC. Based on our collaboration with various brands so far, we have tried to show the exclusive ERROR NYC’s own style, a more military-based techwear.

To shortly explain my past, 

I ran away from home at the age of 16 and started working in the fashion industry at a fabric warehouse in Dongdaemun, a fashion district in South Korea, but now I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, prestigious university in New York, myself and currently run a streetwear brand that attracts a lot of attention in New York.

When I tell people about my dream, they would discourage and look down on me saying “how do you call yourself a designer when all you do is cutting fabric swatches?” Or “how do you start a brand with no money?”

It was very challenging to keep my hopes high, but I always thought “My way is just different from others, it’s not wrong” And I endured it.

In 2016, I launched my dream brand in Korea, but the brand collapsed. At that time, I questioned my values,  and was devastated. But, at that time, I stumbled across an article about Shaun Ross and I gained back my courage. It was as if he were telling me, «We are just different from others, we are not wrong.» In the end,  I overcame the pain and been running only looking ahead. 

At that time, I also thought that if I had a brand and become influential person, I want to give people the message and courage, saying, «We are only different from others, not wrong» with my actions and presence, and for that reason, when I launched ERROR NYC in New York in 2018, I launched it under the theme of “ERROR NYC: Ain’t no mistake”. 

If someone’s appearance or way is different, people think it is wrong. We should be free from this prejudice.

We are just different not a mistake. it all depends on how we embrace our differences.


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